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Credentialing and Contracting Services

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Spectrum ABA Billing provides affordable and effective credentialing and contracting services.  We have a dedicated team who is specialized in ABA credentialing and contracting across most states.

The cost for credentialing and contracting services is a flat fee per provider, per payer. We require payment upfront and in full before services begin. If we do not successfully obtain a contract for your provider(s), you will receive a partial refund.  Now, if your provider has an individual contract already (maybe BCBS or Cigna), then the cost may be less. 

Before we get started, we ask that you let us know the BCBA's name, individual NPI, and the insurance payers you are interested in getting credentialed and contracted with.  We will perform a preliminary audit to see if the provider is already individually credentialed and/or contracted, an estimated timeframe for completion, and how much it'll cost to complete the task.

What we do is have your agency fill out a credentialing roster. This roster provides us with all the basic information we need to get started on your credentialing and contracting applications. Before we submit any paperwork to the insurance payer, our credentialing team will perform a full audit on your provider(s) credentialing documents (CAQH profile, NPI profile, liability insurance, etc).  We want to ensure that all the documents are current and accurate before submission to prevent insurance processing times from being unnecessarily prolonged.

After our audit is complete, our team will complete all paperwork on your behalf and communicate with you, and the insurance payer, as the process moves along. When the contract is presented, we will send it over to you for review and signature. Our work is not complete until you have received an executed copy of the contract from the insurance payer.

Contact us for your personalized quote! 

*Please note, our estimated timeframe for completion is estimated based on information provided by the insurance payer, as well as our credentialing team's experience with the current processing time for other applications.  We pledge to make our best efforts in getting credentialing and contracting wrapped up in a timely manner, to the best of our ability.

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